Condominium Cleaning

Are you part of a condominium syndicate?

Does your building need professional cleaning? At Ventilation SynergAir, we have the equipment and expertise to perform a thorough and effective cleaning while adhering to safety standards.

Planning and coordination: Since condominium ducts serve multiple units, it’s important to plan and coordinate the cleaning with all affected residents. Make sure to clearly communicate the cleaning details and agree on a date and time that works for everyone.

Initial assessment: Before starting the cleaning, our team conducts an initial assessment of the ducts to identify problematic areas such as obstructions, dust or debris buildup, and any leaks or damage.

Get a quote: This allows you to understand what’s included in the proposed service, as well as the estimated price for your needs.

Thorough cleaning: Condominium duct cleaning must be comprehensive, covering all areas of the ventilation system including main ducts, vents, and return air ducts. This ensures optimal airflow and reduces the risk of indoor air contamination.

Filtration system: Consider installing or upgrading the filtration system to help reduce dust and contaminant buildup in condominium ducts. A good filtration system helps maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Regular maintenance: Establish a regular maintenance program to ensure that the ducts remain clean and operate efficiently. This may include periodic checks, filter replacements, and scheduled cleanings.


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