Why clean dryer ducts?

It is important to call on qualified professionals to clean the dryer conduits, at Ventilation Synergair, we have the expertise and the tools necessary to do the work safely and efficiently. Regular cleaning of your dryer conduits is crucial for several reasons: 



 Fire prevention: fire risks can occur if the dryers of the dryer are congested by dirt and other debris. The accumulation of heat in dirty conduits can cause the inflammation of flammable materials present. According to the city’s registers, up to 2 % of the fires identified in Quebec in recent years have been caused by problems linked to the dryers of dryer . 

 Energy efficiency: obstructed conduits can decrease the effectiveness of your dryer, thus extending drying cycles and resulting in an increase in energy consumption. 

 The lifespan of your household appliances: the lifespan of a dryer can be reduced due to engorged conduits, causing premature wear of the components. 

 Interior air quality: Etdrued conduits can encourage the proliferation of molds, bacteria and other contaminants, which can alter the quality of the interior air of your home and impact the health of the inhabitants. 

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